Merry Christmas

English Bulldog puppies are chubby and cute!

This video will make your day sweeter and happier.

Check out this Bulldog Christmas party. πŸ™‚

How cute are these pups on a scale from 1-10?

Watch & Smile:

English Bulldog Chases RC Car

Here is the best way to walk your Bulldog.

Why walk your dog when you can have a remote control car do it for you…

Check out while Thunder chase after a RC car for his daily exercise!

Is yours this fast?

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Dog Rescued Finds A New Family

Puppy mills are horrible and should be destroyed.

This English Bulldog had so many problems, but now she’s living theΒ best days of her life.

Check out how happy she’s with her new family!

Do you have a rescued dog?

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Dinosaur Ride

Winston the English Bulldog is having a great time!

He goes for a ride on top of a mechanical dinosaur.


What is your dog’s favorite indoor activity? Sleep? Eat? Play?

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Scary Face

Titon the English Bulldog is trying to look a tough dog.

He’s forcing on a mean face in an attempt to look scary.

It seems his attempts just make him look cuter!

Is your dog adorable and tough?

Watch & Answer:

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