Bulldog Can’t Stop Smiling

This English Bulldog looked sad and lethargic at the shelter.

This little guy waiting for his new family to pick him up.

Reddit / Narya9

The second he realized he was going to have a new family… He became a ball of energy.

Reddit / Narya9

A shelter worker posted a photo of the English bulldog on the website saying he was available for adoption. People instantly fell in love with Frank’s sad face.

Some days later,  Frank had officially been adopted.

Instagram / frankthedoggotank

Her new owners posted this photo of the English bulldog with his big brother, Max. The dogs are already best friends!

The owners say he’s always smiling now that he’s out of the shelter and in a loving home!

Instagram / frankthedoggotank

Frank and his owners have received so much love in real life but also online.

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